Friday, October 28, 2011

Information Technology Trends 2012 - Strategy of delay in the establishment of the new operating system for RIM

Information Technology Trends 2012. At the conclusion of the goal of the exercise (RIM) study, and after a certain period of time, a method of cooling the start script of the disc.

According to the website received the company, the new scenario, did not provide a way BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) is available. Been reduced by RIM, and a box can not run the system through a device connected to a secure BlackBerry without a disk connected to the company the right in the end.

The available, for example, Reuters, RIM is planning to provide added functionality BBX method with mobile phones and BlackBerry mobile phones recently, strategies for the revelation. However, said Reem does not appear when the product in the method.

At the same time, the energy consumption model of the site information innovation for OS BlackBerry scenario-dominated 2.0 This is the resolutions of the cold harsh "in the company's Web site and will expire at the Forum on Friday and put talk about the level of the individual Fitzgibbons J. subsidiary, can RIM We

Developers to achieve the objectives of the company's customers and employees. "
Smith: "We have listened to the potential transactions with highly effective, and catch a cold start strategies inspired, believing that they provide a great knowledge of men or women," he said.

"Mailbox Store, and time of call, and the new film, and the new computer system that is loaded with new features including the best way, until we can work together better and screenwriter of the BlackBerry." Information technology trends article.

But the problem is the script supervisor, or I could wait for four weeks update?

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