Saturday, October 29, 2011

Information Technology Trends 2012 - iPhone Presents New Operating System

Information Technology Trends 2012. Currently, IOS5 by the operating system for Apple iPhone a member of the company, it is possible to understand a set of useful functions.

iPhone and iPhone 3G is best to raise four iOS5 available in today's mobile operating system from Apple's mobile OS. Increases in this way, all the best features of Apple's iPhone commercial, mobile, are all familiar with the mobile phone. "The products and the iPhone 3G iPhone4 become more and more staff," Lisa Widyawati, and compatible Jinaraika PT (SES) accepted by the brain in advertising revenue and Belgian representatives from Apple said.

Lisa said, people will buy, iPhone3GS and the increase in the cost of the OS not make a position to enjoy the fashion of the best engineering companies to take up absolutely. Creating a product is to be useful for this phone. One advantage is iOS5 iMassage alternate function.

"This new factor from Apple. And this factor, and other personal phone discussions, images, sound, images and video clips provided, the difference is no need to use the code, and spot, and similarly Since the number of products on the iPhone now iPhone, "said Lisa.

Take note of the new features available in iOS5 add IMassage. This is a new communication factor that can be used only by the exhibition. By using this factor can reduce the number of pop-ups. We will e-mail announcement, and e-mail using the contact away, you can check the time and circumstances, and stock index. "We, iPhone displays all notifikasinya persecution, beginning with," Lisa says.

The term that is loaded in such a way that people show the characters that appear in the e-mail to the group on the 5 IOS with voice-mail application. In addition, this round-mail, and how to configure e-mail, contacts and where to get them.

The camera features, photos in the past, and it shows a group iOS5 display, you can capture images with perfect design. In addition, the loss of the final image on the camera, and go to the polls for only the rights of the individual. "Would take more pleasure in shooting with iPhone" Lisa says.

Because everything can be done in the air above, the most notable change, the IOS 5 from each of the other programs, steady, and. Any computer connected to the content, and repair. Please just use the icloud. icloud is provided a free email 5 gigabytes of measurements.

With the XL SES Axiata PT, to sell their products. Many of the functions available from the marriage. Each value, RP3 an iPhone 3G, 99, and multiple purchases, access to greeting cards and XL - a myriad of details to 3 months. In addition, lay people, such as many low value of 300.

In the meantime, many of each card for $ iPhone4 XL purchase price of U.S. $ 6.99 - Greetings of the method, and countless more can be up to 12 to several months. "We also provide natural protection." Information Technology Trends article.

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