Saturday, October 29, 2011

Information Technology Trends 2012 - There is a lot of ice cream sandwich in 4.0 Robots

Information Technology Trends. Improve the operating system and sends Android 4.0 with three slogans: "I do not think my life has fascinated me great ..."

This is done through dietary supplements and cell phones and the iPhone, in fact, by the observation that on Windows-based operating systems. After this, along with my phone, what does not work for free.

Android 4.0 for what? Here is the following:

The main screen

tambel honey-style shows. But in contrast to the honeycomb fun, allowing users more convenience, you can modify to suit your piece Selesa.

Application code or folder you can drag and wing IOS. In addition to the contacts in the folder (or at least the speed-dial shortcuts) rank, the more "favorite" ice cream sandwiches, but you can bring a person, the iPhone.


Robot has a reporting system is already better than the other. I would even notice the phone screen is locked peak again.


The spell checker has a new keyboard on the Internet. Close to cut, copy and paste is easy to write.


First, we can easily book your application as simple as a screen on the device IOS. In addition, the robot has the ability to screen capture just cute Polaroid animation to highlight the work now.


Instead, open a new browser for the 16 signs of the horizontal register, which was held in a vertical stack, you can scroll the live preview. If the disk you can simply "full" should push the team to get the desktop version of a web site request to this version.

In Gmail

Google Apps provides clean it. You can speed up to multiple messages simultaneously storing choose. They can also e-mail to be seen horizontally, without a network connection and a read speed of up to even up to 30 days and longer apply.

E - mail is now connected with this person, and get a lot of options. You can also choose to use the media - it's just like e-mail and chat or Twitter account is not.


Easy to navigate throughout the day. You can zoom in to this month's activity calendar to see at a glance.

Mobile data collection

The iPhone is off to unwanted mobile data charges on your wireless service provider can prevent now. Bahkanmengendalikan you can use to display the maximum use of every month, you can see exactly which application caused the problem. Then you can restrict the use of application data. This controller is amazing.

Photos and Video

Camera phones the new Galaxy Nexus has a zero-shutter layer, 1080p video and time-lapse video imaging and support, and other options. However, all images in all parts of the ice cream sandwich, and not the time to share not display images directly from the camera, location, or regulated for human rights. Information technology trends article.

Like the iPhone, and you can make some basic changes to the camera.

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